Performance Therapy

Movement Screens & Assesments

Identifying muscle imbalances is the first step to building your customized exercise routines. This sets the foundation for a successful progressive plan to get you to your goals!


Recovering from an injury or getting back on your feet post surgery is a progression and it should be treated that way! Doing too much too soon only sets you up for future injuries. Mindful Movement can transition you safely from physical therapy back into the weight room without missing a beat.

Muscle Activation Techniques

Have you ever been told that you need to strengthen your core to help your lower back issues? Or strengthen your back to improve your posture? Mindful Movement will teach you how to make sure the right muscles are fired up at the beginning of your workout so that you are working efficiently and effectively to achieve these goals.

Get a Check-up!

Like going to the dentist, but for your muscles! 

Get your body and muscles tuned up at least twice per year. Keep yourself healthy for ultimate performance before and after your next race or just keep your body healthy throughout your training and for life. Prevent any unnecessary compensations or injuries by working with a highly skilled Athletic Trainer. Learn the way your body wants to cheat and stay ahead of the problem! Work through a movement assessment and receive soft tissue treatments.

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