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We've Changed our brand!

Mindful Movement has changed its name to ElementalX! With a more comprehensive approach, we are now able to serve you better!

We are not your typical fitness company—we go well beyond that. The ElementalX complete human performance program, helps you master not just your body, but your mind and your life. Looking through the lens of you as a complete person, we focus on five major areas that build a healthier, stronger, more fit you: breath, life factors, how you fuel yourself, fitness in multi-dimensions and your daily mindset. We work on these components individually and in parallel and then put the whole picture back together to create the optimal you. This is where you find complete human performance. No flashy lights, blaring music, no high energy instructor yelling at you required. Just Real. Raw. Results.

Your level of success and achievement within our program is dependent on three main elements: Focus, consistency and effort. How quickly your fitness improves directly correlates to how much effort you invest and how consistent you remain to the process. The result? Mastery. Play writer John Irving once said, “I learned that to do anything really well, you have to overextend yourself. In doing something over and over again, something that was never natural becomes almost second nature. You learn that you have the capacity for that, and that it doesn’t come over night.” With other words, consistency, effort and focus are required for optimum output and results.

At ElementalX we strive for you to find mastery both in fitness and beyond. Where the impossible becomes second nature to you. That moment where you get on the treadmill, and you fail—but you’re not defeated. In fact, you get back on the next day. This daily effort, focus and consistency is required to produce high levels of achievement in your own mind, body and life.

Mastery no longer remains a mystery. You will have earned it and your level of achievement will be far greater than any fab fitness center on the market.

ElementalX is redefining fitness.

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