Strength, growth and peace built here.



The difference between exercising and training is ElementalX. Here you train for a goal, a purpose. Whether that be to lose 30 pounds, increase your bench press, improve your movement quality, create balance in the body or restore your mobility. You set a focused goal and then use expert performance coaching to achieve it. 

You receive a customized experience to elevate your performance. You'll build strength, mental growth and resilience and find peace because you've found the comprehensive solution that works for you. This is our guarantee for all those who walk through our doors.



We are a fitness company that consistently and effectively delivers superior results to our clientele.  Our complete and integrative approach combined with the use of technology holds you accountable daily. Never go a day without a motivating message from our team or a check-in that counts towards prizes if you start hitting your goals.  Access to our nutritionist , highly sought after sports performance therapists and trainers are all part of your complete performance package. Workouts are available daily on our app, virtual live coaching with your nutritionist, therapist and trainer are available so you never miss a beat. Work with one of our fitness experts, jump into a group training session and start building your lifestyle around the health and wellness of your body and your mind.

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