Move with Strength

With an emphasis on total body strength, flexibility, developing usable ranges of motion and balancing the body, Our unique methods and processes will become something you wish you always had in your exercise routine.

When you follow our process, you will learn to MOVE:

with Strength

with Fluidity

with Confidence

without Pain

....and without Peeing (Women!)

It is important to us that while you are achieving the above results, you learn--with a deep understanding--the why behind our craft. Without it, your results will never sustain themselves.

ElementalX pulls from a variety of exercise modalities to help you achieve skill, performance, physique and vitality. We create a custom move package that fits your needs and includes a combination of small group (we refer to as Hive training) that consists of 3-5 people, individual training and specialty classes. 

Specialty Personal Training

ElementalX offers a variety of very specialty personal training options that go beyond your traditional experience. We offer Pilates, the Gyrotonic Method ®, and Animal flow. Call today to book an appointment.

Personal Training

With a total mind and body approach we focus on balance, strength, and functional mobility to alter physique and burn fat. We utilize a variety of traditional and unconventional modalities like dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls, resistance bands, steel mace, suspension trainers and more. Our team of highly skilled coaches customizes your approach to meet exactly your needs. 

Small Group Training

At ElementalX we believe that your group experience should be small so more attention is on YOU! We offer small group training of 3 to 5 individuals all with similar goals as you. You are accountable to each other and to yourself to make sure you show up on time and ready to work. A minimum level of commitment is required to be part of these highly effective small group coaching experiences.

Specialty Large Group Classes

We emphasize functional mobility and skill development in our gym and offer larger group classes that meet exactly that need. You know exactly your modifications when participating in these group classes so you can elevate your performance faster. Check out our class schedule here >>

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